Attack of the giant veg

This week’s Foxhollow Farm share arrived with a very large leaf lettuce plant. While Pavel, our farmer, assured Michelle that it was “still tasty,” even notoriously low-standard-when-it-comes-to-greens Steve thought the lettuce too leathery for salad. Michelle voted to send the gigantic greens to the chickens, but Steve became determined to see if we could salvage it—and thanks to the Gourmet Today cookbook, we did. This reasonably simple recipe, which can be found on the Epicurious website, features chopped lettuce, potato, onion and a bit of ground coriander. It turned our tough greens into a delicate, creamy soup, reminiscent of asparagus or mild artichoke, but with a definite flavor of fresh green leaf. While we probably won’t add it to our list of “must-have” dishes, we certainly enjoyed this week’s lettuce as much as or more than the chickens would have.


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