Gourmandistan-to-go: Bacon, egg & cheese “biscuits”

Michelle’s family was leaving Gourmandistan in 30 minutes or so, and we knew their plans for dinner didn’t include slowing down much before reaching their Western Kentucky home. We despaired at the thought of Mom, Dad and Sister dining on fast food. Then we thought, “Why not make our own?” We had several of Mrs. Gritton’s potato rolls in the freezer, a few nubs of home-cured bacon, a little mayo, some melty (local-ish!) cheese and our usual surfeit of eggs. A bit of microwaving, oven-crisping, pan-frying and *ding*—the order was up. We packed four biscuits into a covered dish, keeping them warm until later that night. Michelle’s mother reported: “They carried us home—even in the car-darkness of travel, one tasted real egg and honest-to-goodness pig!”

While we’ve yet to serve billions, we’re glad we served up something special for Michelle’s folks. And we were happy to “plus-up” the practice of seeing Gourmandistan visitors off with gifts of food. (To be honest, the gifts are usually eggs. Even with only six hens, we still have too many eggs.) And we look forward to making our Gourmandistan-to-go “biscuits” even better—once Steve masters his own yeast rolls.


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