Please welcome our newest partner, Mark.

Hey, have you heard of this thing called Facebook? Evidently it’s quite popular with the young people, especially this one guy named Mark.  Gourmandistan now has a Facebook page, and if you are a member you can “like” us with a button click. If you’re so inclined (we understand some Gourmandistan regulars are Facebook-phobic), please add our page to your “likes.”

We’re sure that as our page count swells and Mr. Zuckerberg notices our peppy posts and pictures it will only be a matter of time before Michelle and Steve are justly compensated for our contributions to the Facebook empire. After all, it certainly worked out for the Winklevoss twins.


      • Me too. I have never had a facebook account, which I think puts me in the 0.00000173% of the global population. On par with isolated groups in Papua New Guinea!

        But congratulations on having a FB page for Gourmandistan! I also saw your photo on Serious Eats front page a few days ago. I remember thinking, “I know who took that!”

        Remember us little people when you are a big and famous 🙂

        • Resistance is futile, Daisy. I surrendered long ago. I do still resist twitter. I have an account and follow a few people (mostly political things—good for killing time on the iPhone when waiting), but haven’t ever thought of anything I’d want to tweet!

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