Literally grinding out a peanut butter brownie post.

We began Gourmandistan as merely a way to amuse ourselves (and some may claim we still amuse merely ourselves). But we have grown quite attached to you, our readers. Our urge to post to this blog has grown beyond the simple need to stick recipes where we can easily access them to encompass the idea that someone out there in cyberspace might actually miss us if we’re gone. That is why, even though our home has been in complete disarray for more than two weeks due to an invasion of house painters, Michelle felt it necessary to sneak into the cleared-out-but-not-yet-painted kitchen and even grind her own peanut butter to make up for a deficit of store-bought needed for a batch of Lauren Groveman’s Midnight Brownies with Peanut Butter Pockets. And it is why Steve, despite currently suffering from a rather unpleasant virus, summoned the energy to write something about it.

Lauren Groveman’s Kitchen is one of our favorite cookbooks from the Clinton Era.ย  So much so that when Michelle found a stack on a remainder table around the turn of the century, she bought them all up and gifted them to brides for years. (Sorry brides. Your wedding gifts may have cost only about $5 each. Hope you liked them anyway!) It’s a charming book full of helpful information for beginning cooks and enough reliable recipes for old-fashioned favorites to keep the more experienced interested.ย  Which reminds us: it’s been a long time since we’ve made Groveman’s yummy Sloppy Joes.

There may not be much to this post, but we wanted you to know we’re still here. Hopefully the next post will find us back in our freshly painted kitchen with plenty of supplies on hand, ready to entertain and inform you in the manner you deserve.

This was once the dining room.
For the past 2-1/2 weeks, it’s been the repository of kitchen things.


    • Aaaw, thanks! Actually, these remind me more of something you would make! (Chocolate is really not my thing, but the peanut butter keeps me coming back.)

    • Sweet! Of course, I was so impressed with myself for thinking of grinding up peanuts when the Whole Foods jar came up short. But Steve is like, “You used those peanuts? Why didn’t you use the good ones?”

    • We’ve actually been sort of HALF without a kitchen. Our own fault. We figured with the 100ยฐ F weather at the time that the painters would surely start inside in the kitchen, so we shoveled it out 2+ weeks ago. Instead they started outside. Someday…

  1. Grinding your own peanut butter in the midst of a mess takes a heckuva lotta determination — I get overwhelmed by just a single sink full of dirty dishes!

    Hope your freshly painted kitchen turns out as great as those fudgy-looking brownies. ๐Ÿ™‚

  2. Hey I know what it feels like when you are painting/renovating/remodeling. It can be very tiresome! The brownies, I must say, look as rich and smooth as fudge. YUMMY!!

  3. Most peanut butter “swirl” brownies barely taste of peanut butter, but I can tell from the photos that the peanut butter is the star here, especially since you made your own! Thanks for the post, and best of luck with the painting.

    • Ha! What I needed was you, the Queen of Color, to come and help me pick out a new one. All this hassle and, in the end, it’s gonna look just like before. (I do love the new outside color though.)

    • Thanks so much! I actually ended up just doing the same color in the kitchen as before: green. I really wanted a change, but I loved my green glass cabinet knobs too much to change it.

  4. “…one of our favorite cookbooks from the Clinton era.” Ha! Oh God that’s funny. One can only image the places you could take that (e.g. “One of the more popular cocktail compendiums from the Nixon years,” ‘the hands-down favorite grill book of the Reagan presidency.”) The brownies look great. For both our sakes I’m glad you’re there and I’m here. Great post. Ken

    • Thanks! And you make a good point. I’ll get Steve working on the “baby foods from the Eisenhower and Kennedy years” post! Oops, I guess I just showed our ages.

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