A bourbon-peach brisket blog for the 4th of July

Farmers market flag

This particular Independence Day finds Gourmandistan a bit book-busy, a bit American-lazy and, in most ways, not particularly suited to a long, involved blog post. We’re having an almost blog-standard July 4th dinner of ribs, slaw and potato salad, but yesterday’s lunch (3-day weekend!) was the last bit of this lovely brisket.

Brisket sandwichWe changed virtually nothing in Louisville chef Edward Lee’s recipe from Bon Appétit. The combination of stout, bourbon, soy sauce and peach jam absolutely blew Michelle away, and she’s declared this the best brisket she’s ever eaten.

SparklerYou may be wearing red, white and blue or simply wondering what all the fuss over this particular day is about. Whatever your perspective, if you have some of this brisket, you’ll definitely have a glorious 4th of July.



    • Thanks, MD, it was incredibly delicious. I was dubious because I don’t like bourbon and there was a lot. But, somehow, when mixed with the other stuff (including stout), it turned out just right. We’ve had a couple of nice weeks here, which makes one proud to be an American (after a lot of really, really bad stuff). Hope you have a lovely weekend. Is the heat wave over?

    • Oh, thanks, Sabine! It’s a nostalgia book, so most of the photos are from others. But there are some really nice historic ones. I took a few. But, it’s hard to make mid-century American food look good. 😉

    • Thanks, Sacha! It just shows that I could never be a real chef because I’d never in a million years have thought of putting all those things together. But it was delicious. And it makes me want to run out to one of Ed Lee’s restaurants right now! But I’m lazy and don’t have any makeup on. 😉

  1. Oh WOW…. I actually just salivated at the sight of that brisket and slaw. One of my dear friends is originally from Nappa and whilst he was working in Perth, he had us over for ‘a traditional American dinner’ with his family – his homemade slow-cooked pulled beef, potato salad, slaw and rolls. It was friggin’ delicious but for a 5ft-nothing lass, I probably ate the equivalent of half my body weight and out cold in a food coma by the end of it!

    • Thanks, Jessie! It’s funny, I know I had a question I wanted to ask you a few days ago (when trying something Korean-ish), but now I can’t think of what it was… Hope you’re having a good summer.

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