Tahini chocolate chip cookies saltily show the sweeter side of sesame

Salted tahini chocolate chip cookiesWhile we’re not unfamiliar with sesame paste candies, they weren’t the sweets Gourmandistan usually looked for. It may have been our jealous guarding of tahini stocks for use in Middle Eastern-style dinners. Or perhaps it was Steve’s shuddery childhood memories of the dusty, dried out bars of Joyva Halvah he was forced to sample out of politeness. Whatever the reason, we’re now re-evaluating our search parameters.

Michelle found this Danielle Oron recipe in The New York Times (which is obviously popular as it keeps making the rounds on Facebook), and decided it was worth gambling some tahini for a treat. Adding sesame paste to chocolate chip dough put a bass note of silky deliciousness into the cookies, and a spiking of salt just makes them even better. Tahini cookies are definitely in our rotation these days when we’re looking for something sweetish—but being this is Gourmandistan, that rota is quite large!

RECIPE NOTES:  We didn’t change much. We did, however, find it was better to sprinkle the salt (fleur de sel here) on the cookies about 5 minutes before they were done baking. That way, it sticks better. And we made them a bit smaller than the recipe calls for, which made the cooking time a bit shorter.


  1. Very interesting – I find tahini to be a bit bitter and use it sparingly when making hummus, but perhaps mixed with something sweet and salt it might excite my taste buds 🙂

  2. They sound delicious. i discovered tahini in sweet baking few months ago. I made few batches of biscuits and they ranged from good to “hum, not sure about these”. I was still working within a Midle Eastern frame using a lifht olive oil and rose water and I found the texture sometimes too sandy (verging on a dry mouthfeel). these chocolate and butter biscuits look more inviting I must say. Thanks

  3. I’m also scarred by lip-curling memories of dry, dusty halvah that stick the sides of your mouth together… Blergh. I adore sesame and tahini flavours though, so it’s nice to have an alternative sweet option to try!

  4. How funny, I’ve got the same recipe on my absolutely must make stack, now there’s no way I can wait any longer! I’ll definitely go your way with the salt.
    Steve, what are you doing with half jars of tahini in your fridge, it never gets old here.

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