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A land where food and the people involved in bringing it to a plate are celebrated. Its people enjoy discovering, procuring and preparing food almost as much as they enjoy eating it. Those entering Gourmandistan should be prepared to endure tales of farmers, farm shares, fancy and not so fancy restaurants and features of a good kitchen—as well as recipes, amateur food porn and scathing contempt for industrial “food.


Likes gadgets, games and good food. “Nose to tail” approach to meat-eating often results in eating actual noses and/or tails. Will eat almost anything and try anything at least once, yet cannot develop a liking for liver. Would like to stay in every Relais & Chateaux lodging on the globe, but will currently settle for returning to the Prieuré d’Orsan. A writer and brand consultant, Steve lives in Kentucky with Michelle, tends chickens, shops for groceries/fetches CSA shares, spoils cats and helps Michelle cook.


Reads cookbooks like novels, has purchased more than she can remember, and currently owns too many to easily count. Follows chefs the way others follow celebrities. Loathes pesticides, factory farming and processed corporate products. Enjoys food, photography, cooking and travel and (only a bit guiltily) trashy celebrity gossip. Likes dessert, embraces garlic and seeks variety on every plate. A practicing attorney, Michelle currently lives on about 14 acres of former Kentucky tobacco farm, along with Steve, some cats, numerous chickens and an impressive assortment of kitchen gadgets.

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    • Thanks, Debra! They are in residence. Sadly, though, they have turned into a batch of peckers and the beautiful coifs are no more. We believe that soon they will be dinner.

  1. Michelle and Steve: Thank you for the work you do to produce this BEAUTIFUL site. I’ve just found it, thanks to a mutual friend who knows of our shared interests. Gourmandistan has already jumped into my list of favorite blogs. I am excited about what is happening with Kentucky food and food writing/media. You two are making a huge contribution. I look forward to meeting you, something I am told may happen as soon as this weekend!

  2. Beth

    I’ve come home from the annual Turner Christmas gathering with many tidbits over the years…..homemade fudge, great laughs, happy memories, and even the chicken pox. Today I was delighted to bring home your URL…along with everything else (except the chicken pox)! Lovely and delightful!!

    • Thanks … uhm, I mean gracias! Yes, these little French girls were beautiful. But so very dumb they spent their days banging into the doors of the coop. We’re sticking with slightly more peasant-y breeds now.

  3. Stéphane

    I love your blog too! I tape a passion for food photography and get so inspired by sites like yours! I am new at blogging and need to learn more about linking etc. I will make sure I link to your blog from Myfrenchheaven. Maybe you’ll return the favor? :0)
    All the very best for 2012!

  4. Beth Henderson Parks

    Imitation is the sincerest form of flattery – I’ve directed Bob to your site as he researches developing his own real estate/home improvement blog. Now if we can only inspire him to cook…

    • Tell him to go to wordpress.com and look around. Lots of great templates. There’s a little learning curve, but it doesn’t take long. But, sorry I can’t help with the cooking issue! I guess it will just have to fall to you!

  5. Hi Michelle, hi Steve. Thanks for stopping by my blog and taking the time to read. Greatly appreciated and I look forward to swapping food stories with you from the other side of the world! Happy noms for 2013!

  6. Daria

    I’ve lived in Gourmandistan for many years now, and am happy to “meet” other citizens!!! Really nice mention in Country Living mag, march 2013 – where I found you, I’ll be folowing your every meal!

  7. Thanks for following The Pearl Kitchen. Hope you enjoy the stories and recipes from a little island on the other side of the world 🙂 I like your witty blog. Its fun to read with well presented visuals 😉

  8. Very clever photos! You must come visit Langdon Hall in Cambridge, Ontario one day. It is a lovely R&C inn located about an hour or so out of Toronto. It is well worth a visit! Anyway, I am so happy to have found your blog as I really enjoy your writing style and clever wit.

  9. Hi Michelle and Steve!
    I’m nominating you for the very inspiring blogger award! You may follow through with this award or ignore – it’s up to you. Personally, I’m only nominating one blog per award because of my time constraints. Actually, I’d rather be doing important stuff. But here is the link:
    But seriously I love your blog and you two are inspiring – thus, the award.

      • I’m so glad to hear that you like Korean food. I hope that my blog will help you to indulge in real Korean homemade foods. ^^ I guess i will be able to get inspirations from your great blog.

  10. Janet Rörschåch

    So glad I found you! You guys are fun. (I get the cookbook thing. The picture at top looks really familiar. Did you sneak into my house and take a few snaps?)

  11. Pingback: Let the Discussion Begin | Chef Janet Rörschåch

    • We do. We used to have lots (like in the twenties or … gasp! … thirties of chickens). But we’ve downsized and now just have 6. Which is a good number for the two of us with some eggs for friends and family. And thanks much!

  12. I likes the name of your blog. I thought the person behind this blog is an Indian because India is called “Hindustan” in India. So I thought it is a match of Gourmet + Hindustan. Lol, anyways nice blog with very good stuff. TC

  13. Wow, what a beautiful blog! I am amazed by the quality of your photographs! And all your recipes look good… I am a new blogger trying to get inspired… this is the kind of blog I would like to have, bravo!

  14. What mouthwatering recipes, photos, & love your anecdotal, cross-referential writing style!
    Do you remember those “My school friends” albums back in elementary/junior high, my hobbies #1 & 2 were “eating” & “reading baking books”!

  15. Reading about your adventures into all things food is always such a joy for me. It’s addictive! I have, therefore, nominated you for A Lovely Blog Award. You are an inspiration to me. Thank you. All the best, Annabel

  16. eva

    Just stumbled upon your blog and really love it. Great voice and very inspiring recipes. Look forward to digging in and reading more of your posts. Eva

  17. Hi! I enjoy the comments on this blog almost as much as the blog in itself… I guess that means you’ve managed to create a real community. Well done! And please keep at it. It’s just delicious.

  18. Sid

    I’ve really enjoyed your site. I publish a cooking blog as well, and I’m ending my first year as a new Louisville resident. Such a great town!

  19. Just found your lovely site by accident while looking for a recipe using fresh cherries. I’m in Germany, and therefore often deprived of good food, but good beer isn’t a problem! : )
    You are now bookmarked for further inspiration/exploration. Thank you.

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