Microwave corn on the cob

Microwave technology never really caught on in Gourmandistan.  Steve’s family hosted a beta version of a mid-70s GE microwave oven. (Steve still remembers his crushing disappointment as he realized the boxy, black-fronted thing in the kitchen was not, as he thought, a new television but, instead, an oven his dad had brought home from work.)  And, sadly, both Michelle and Steve had youthful indiscretions involving Lean Cuisine®. We have a microwave in our kitchen, but it’s mostly used for warming milk or melting butter, because we still like to cook, defrost and even reheat with gas or electricity. Steve is, however, starting to make an exception for corn on the cob.  No boiling water, no shucking. Just a damp paper towel and 1-1/2 minutes per ear on high power. Peel back the husk, remove the silk, add butter and salt and enjoy. Two ears make a quick lunch—and with a restrained hand on the butter stick, it may even count as lean cuisine.


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