Saying “Bon Voyage” with Bollito


Katie from Katie At The Kitchen Door is a Boston-based blog friend who posts gorgeous photographs, writes insightful cookbook reviews and brims with youthful enthusiasm. She asked us to help out with a guest post while she is on vacation in Italy, hinting that she would like something Italian-themed. We decided to honor one of the only things we enjoyed about Florence, a bollito sandwich.

Link here to Katie’s site for the recipe, as well as a tale of our miserable trip to Tuscany.  

Here’s hoping Katie is having a much better time than we did in Florence. We can’t wait until she returns and shows us everything that we missed.


So we missed the real David. But we did see many Pinocchios.


  1. Eha

    Delightful sandwich: sorry my fave of honeycomb tripe did not reach the plate! Oddly, in semi-rurall Oz I have but little problem to buy that delight from the local specialist butcher! And Florence and Fiesole at their best are still a delight to return to: perchance weekends are not the best time . . .

    • Absolutely. Sundays are always difficult traveling days in Europe. How nice to have a good butcher with tripe. We have a nice veal vendor at a local farmers’ market, but when we asked about tripe, they asked us what it was and when we answered looked at us as if we were crazy! (Something we’re very accustomed to.)

      • Eha

        THAT happens to me on quite a regular basis: actually i have quite learned to enjoy ‘that’ look: if you smile back widely or, daresay laugh, the puzzled looks can be quite delightful!! But THEY smile when you walk in the next time around . . . . 😉 !

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