Korean Fried Broccoli because we need some mind-altering substances at the moment

It's the one at the bottom. Sorry, it's too delicious to stop and take more pictures of.

It’s the one at the bottom. Sorry, it’s too delicious to stop and take more pictures of.

Amanda Cohen’s Dirt Candy menu describes this dish as “crack in broccoli form.” We’re not about to disagree. We’re losing track of the nights we’ve made this Korean Fried Broccoli as we’ve watched anything but the news, which at the moment is too distressing and disorienting to bear. Steve has been delighted to discover that stove-top smoking actually works, and adds another layer of robustness to this in-your-face, extra-crunchy-despite-sauce idea. If you have the ingredients at hand (and a way to smoke something) definitely give this a try. We’ve stuffed ourselves silly with our new favorite broccoli, and we might just keep doing so for at least four years.


    • It made a surprisingly small amount of smoke. Actually, I’m not sure Steve even turns on the fan! I’d always been really hesitant to try the stovetop smoking thing, but this convinced me I was wrong.

  1. I have been eating all kinds of crazy things for the past 10 days or so–somehow big bags of chocolate-covered raisins seem a legitimate choice right now . . . anything to make me feel better about things

  2. Broccoli crack? What a fabulous description. My marriage hinges on not having a deep-fryer in the house so I’m afraid this recipe is something we will have try in a restaurant.

  3. I can’t read it on my iPad, just the photo and first paragraph. I understand your 4 year frustration. I do a bit of work in New Jersey and tend to stay away from discussing your politics. So many NJ people now make a point of saying “I didn’t vote for him” that there seems to be some statewide embarrassment with the outcome.

    • This blog post or the link? The former is just a photo and paragraph, so you’re good. But if the latter, do check out that recipe as it’s delicious. Yeah, we’re in rather an existential crisis here. Next time your NJ friends/clients say that you can tell them: Imagine how it feels for folks who live in states that voted overwhelmingly for him.

  4. sueBthefoodie

    Looking forward to trying. Thank you for sharing. I make a traditional Korean BBQ beef short rib for my family. And I always struggle to find a side. This will be perfect. Cheers-sueBthefoodie

  5. Too funny! Like you, I’ve avoided all news broadcasts lately. Tonight, for the first time in a while, after speeding thru the opening story, I came here. I read your title just as it was reported that Magic Mushrooms were being used to treat a number of ailments. If you tire of this delicious broccoli …

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