Sugared berries

Michelle’s mom’s birthday falls at the end of June, in the middle of blueberry season.  We’ve made this wonderful cake several times with success, but never before have we decorated it so beautifully.

Michelle first thought of adding lemon zest as a garnish, but was afraid it would overpower the rather subtle lemon cream cheese icing. We had many blueberries on hand thanks to Steve’s frenzied end-of-season buying spree, so Michelle decided to try sugaring them. Dipped in egg white then rolled in sugar, the berries made a beautiful garnish, becoming crunchy little bits with sweet liquid centers. We enjoyed them almost as much as the cake—and finally found a way to get Michelle to eat uncooked fresh fruit.


Beat an egg white with a splash of water in a bowl.  Dip rinsed and dried berries in egg wash, then roll in sugar.  Place sugared berries on a plate or cookie sheet, separated, and dry for a couple of hours at room temperature.  Use to decorate a dessert, or eat by themselves.


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